20 June 2022

Number of electric vehicles in Belarus past 10,000

The number of electric vehicles in Belarus has exceeded 10,000, BelTA learned from Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich during the Electric Transport Day in Minsk on 17 June.

Viktor Karankevich said: “The number of participants of the exhibition grows higher every year. It once again underlines interest in the development of electric transport. Comfortable conditions have been enabled and stimulating measures are in effect for the sake of development of electric transport in our country. The number of electric vehicle charging stations increases every year, with 680 stations deployed across the country now. A presidential decree has identified the industrial group Belorusneft as the state operator in charge of creating a charging stations chain. The relevant systemic work has been ensured in association with electric companies.”

The efforts produce results. According to the latest data, the number of electric vehicles in Belarus has reached 10,000, the energy minister said. The number more than doubled in the last 12 months.

The amount of electricity consumed by the vehicle charging stations is on the rise, too. In 2021 the figure grew by 1.4 times in comparison with 2020 to 10 million kWh. Positive dynamics has been observed this year as well.

More and more electric vehicles are used for public transportation: over 100 electric buses transport people in Belarusian cities. “It is an ecological and reliable means of transportation, which offers a high level of comfort to passengers,” Viktor Karankevich stressed.

The global popularity of electric vehicles is also on the rise. 2021 saw global sales of electric cars double. Their total number reached 16 million. The Belarusian energy minister attributed the growth to the global decarbonization trend and the refusal of major automakers to make automobiles with internal combustion engines.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects the total number of electric vehicles in the world to reach 200 million by 2030.

The Electric Transport Day has been held for three years now in order to popularize electric vehicles as an ecological and economic way of transportation, which helps build a comfortable urban environment. This year's exhibition has been arranged near the National Library. About 20 companies are taking part in it.

It is a unique venue where one can see all kinds of electric transport, including cars, trucks, electric buses, electric motorcycles and bicycles. The exhibition also features new models of an electric truck, an electric compact van, and an electric quad bike of Belarusian make. A compact economy-class electric car is also on display. Visitors can find out about the development of the electric vehicle charging stations chain and prospects of its expansion.

The exhibition gathered a broad range of participants, including representatives of the industrial complex, research organizations, and companies that import electric vehicles. Those include BKM Holding, MAZ, Amkodor, Belorusneft, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, MotoVeloZavod, BelGee, Green Cars, Tesla Cars, Electro Car, MultiMotors, Sidus Auto, Hello, Eleven, JET, E-power, and other ones.

The Electric Transport Day has been organized by the Belarusian Energy Ministry in association with the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone with assistance of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Written by: belta.by